Georgi Gill: poet

Today, it has been a very productive day in terms of research. I had amazing meetings and feedback about my current work, I had my first contact with Freya Chambers, the clarinettist involved in my piece Triptych, and finally, the poet Georgi Gill ( and I have started to work in Dans les noirceurs. We had very creative and inspiring meeting where we discussed the colour black, what is black in nature? in psychology? is it neutral or negative? How can the idea of emptiness from the colour black be translated into poetry or music in a different way than silence? These questions have made us think about the structure the work will follow, will it be divided into movements/acts?

A concept I got very interested in was the idea of the black mirror, a tool painters used to simplify colours and tonal range from surrounding objects. We also spoke about black madonnas, black angels (and also George Crumb’s Black Angels) and the idea of the existence of black as Nothingness before the creation of the Earth, the darkness before the Big Bang or its biblical point of view.

A very inspiring brainstorm that we are really looking forward to develop. It was also great to see the baritone David Cane, he will be one of the performers in this huge project. Can’t wait to keep working in this super black project!


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